Vets Giving Back

Veterinary Assocates of Cape CodVeterinary Associates of Cape Cod is proud to give back to the animals and the people in the world that need our help through the following projects.

Project Samana

Founded in 1992 by our Dr. Labdon, Project Samana gives vital veterinary care to both small and large animals on this remote peninsula in the Dominican Republic. Along with the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA), as well as other veterinary professionals worldwide, we travel to this second-poorest country in the western hemisphere every six months to provide much needed animal care.

Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod coordinates the small animal aspect of this operation, and donates large quantities of medical supplies needed to run this project.

For the Project Samana website, click here.

If you are interested in donating to Project Samana, click here.

The VACC Pet Fund

The VACC Pet Fund provides medical and surgical care to animals that would not receive it otherwise. We donate the majority of the funds in remembrance of our lost patients. The remaining portion comes from our generous and caring clients who make a donation.

The VACC Pet Fund allows us to take great care of some very needy and deserving pets, just like Honey the beagle.

Saluting Those Who Give So Much

Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod and the Forestdale Vet Clinic salute our men and women who are serving in the military, as well as our local police officers and firefighters. We thank your for your dedication and sacrifice, and show our appreciation by helping these heroes' four legged family members with reduced-cost care.