Emotional Care

Emotional Care Makes for Fear Free Visits

From the moment you walk into our facility, you will appreciate that our entire hospital has been designed from the ground up with your pet's emotional well-being in mind. Complementing our newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility, is a compassionate, experienced, and specialty-trained team in fear free care for your pet. Our facility has even been featured in national magazines and won awards for our advanced design, and is considered to be a leading veterinary hospital by incorporating emotional care and comfort for all our four-legged guests.

Our feline only exam rooms feature spacious windows, entertaining catwalks, to freshly warmed towels for your kitty's comfort.

For the first time in the history of veterinary care, cats will not want to leave the exam room. Well, not this exam room anyway. "The dramatic new cat exam room incorporates a surrounding network of custom cat play structures," explained Warren Freedenfeld, AIA, in the hospital's competition entry notebook. We're talking a carpeted "catwalk" (1) that wraps around the room, a spiral staircase cat tree (2), a towel warmer and custom bench seating (3) for clients and cats. If you look out the window (4), you'll also spot bird feeders that are a perfect distraction for feline patients.

Our feline waiting area is cat only, making for a much less stressful experience. Even though your wait will likely be short, our 440-gallon ocean aquarium helps to further reduce anxiety as our tank raised fish and corals serve as beautiful natural distractions. We even have feline specific music clinically shown to reduce stress featured in all our feline areas.

Our Salty Paws Feline Resort guests enjoy a quiet, multi-level luxury "condo" during their stay with us. Rather than a traditional single space enclosure, our cat guests enjoy 3 and 6 room condos, in a safe, cozy, and dog free environment. All of our feline condos feature a sleeping loft, separate bathroom, and central living space, with complete window views of the outside world through multi-level windows!

And of course, we feature only the best for our canine friends. Our dog specific exam rooms are infused with “happy dog” pheromones and music to ease the worries your dog might be facing. Starting with your call, our client service representatives will offer a few tips on how to arrive at the hospital, such as reminding you to bring your pet hungry. Every canine exam room is stocked with tasty delights from traditional treats to hypoallergenic rewards. Hungry dogs often become happy dogs in our care! Keeping your dog in the car (on appropriate weather days), walking your pet on our beautiful grounds, or spreading out in our spacious waiting area can help reduce any worry during our normally short wait. We sometimes even use rugs or yoga mats to help your pet feel calm by giving them some steadiness.

Our canine guests enjoy supervised outdoor play time in our safe, secure and protected play area complete with Astroturf. The only break in the action might be a snack during "Yappy Hour" in the brand-new luxury enclosures.

We are always striving to better our care so ongoing education for our staff is a number one priority. We have trained with the leaders in fear free veterinary practice. We have learned some very valuable techniques on gentle restraint, using towels and a “less is more” approach. We have also taken great care in learning how to appropriately and effectively communicate with our patients. Our doctors and technicians practice low stress handling, and always listen to your pet's individual needs. Sometimes levels of sedation are offered based on procedures required and your pets stress level. And we often can accomplish outpatient procedures right in the exam room with the owner, such as blood testing, ear cleaning or nail trims. Our philosophy is that your pet should enjoy their visit as much as possible, and we strive to do everything we can to make that happen.

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