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Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod is a fully-digital diagnostic imaging hospital and has one of the most advanced imaging systems in New England. Our advanced imaging capability allows us to assess our patients through completely noninvasive means. We have the world's only real-time, remote assisted ultrasound which allows outside specialists to instantaneously evaluate our patients without the pet ever leaving our facility. By partnering with specialists and sonographers in real-time, we can seamlessly integrate radiologists, oncologists, cytopathologists, cardiologists, internal medicine, and dental specialists into our treatment plan solutions. This makes for much better diagnostic workups and interpretations, allowing us to create better long-term management recommendations, all without the patient ever leaving Cape Cod!

From integrated digital ultrasound and digital radiology (x-rays) to digital dental radiology, our image quality is vastly superior to traditional film x-rays. In 2008, we became the first fully digital diagnostic veterinary hospital on Cape Cod, and we are now equipped with next generation technology from real-time, remote assisted ultrasound to the latest digital dental x-ray units. That means our patients receive a more accurate diagnosis and superior care, all while receiving 75% or more less radiation exposure than with traditional film x-rays. We can even email or give you your pet's high quality diagnostic images on a compact disc—just ask!

The ability to provide a vast range of advanced imaging techniques is essential for diagnosing issues in our patients, who for the most part, are unable to describe their symptoms. Digital radiology, the most common form of imaging, allows us to view the shape, size, and location of structures within the patient. All radiographs are digital, allowing us to enhance them and, when indicated, transmit them to outside board-certified radiologists for further evaluation. Digital ultrasound is a more sophisticated and detailed method of evaluating the internal appearance of organs. Veterinary Associates has been providing ultrasound since 1998. We also offer advanced electrocardiograms transmitted to board certified cardiologist for review, allowing us to monitor heart rhythms to precisely diagnose and treat cardiac patients with specialist input.

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